From «Entrez les Artistes !!!» the belly is always full and satisfied.

A la carte or dish of the day, each product is fresh, local, and cooked home and lovingly by Pascale! It was his grandmother who passed on to him the love of authentic, generous, and convivial cooking: values that are felt in a restaurant that looks like a little bouchon from Lyon. Tiled towels, mismatched dishes, and family dishes served at the center of the table (like at home!) Remind us how pleasant it is to share a real moment with friends, family, colleagues!

CALQ anecdote : Our first lunch at Pascale was unforgettable. A birthday that day? No matter what, all the restauRant, customers as waiters, spontaneously began to sing «Happy Birthday» at the top of their lungs. Nobody knew each other, but they all started with a smile on their lips.